It was one of our most popular overdrive pedals that lasted until version 5. We are excited to reissue the SONIC DRIVE this fall as SONIC DRIVE SDR-4R for a limited run. Based on the old SDR-4 which was the most praised version, we retained the circuit that affects the sound while using the current parts in the market. A full and vibrant sound can be realized without being masked by the sound of other instruments in a band environment.

An Overdrive with greater presence

The Providence SONIC DRIVE mainly targets rhythm guitarists. However, the overdrive can be used for rougher playing,and can enable the feelings of the player to be expressed. Even with distortion, the tonal balance from the 1st string to the 6th string is well defined, so that with chords played in an extreme manner the attack is fast, and a rough drive sound with an edgy effect is achieved, like thorns projecting from a wall of sound. However, with this rough edgy sound, since the mid to high range is especially emph

FAT Switch

The FAT switch can be used to control the low frequency range. Turning the FAT switch ON raises the gain in the low frequency range, enabling the production of a particularly fat sound.

S.C.T. Circuit

In a normal True-Bypass circuit, in bypass mode the audio signal passes through two switch contacts. But in the SONIC DRIVE, in bypass mode the audio passes through a single contact, thanks to a single contact true-bypass circuit. The result is much higher sound quality and reliability than that provided by previously existing products. The S.C.T. Circuit now makes it possible to further reduce any change or deterioration in sound quality and gives the feeling that the footswitch circuit is removed entirely from your signal chain.

Multi-function LED

In addition to indicating the pedal's on/off status, the SDR-4R LED provides effective visual battery power monitoring. When the battery voltage drops below 7 volts the LED will become dimmer and begin to go out. The effect will still operate at this voltage, but to ensure optimum performance the battery should be replaced as soon as possible.